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    Meliá International presents its first report on the Levers of Competitiveness in Spanish tourism.

    The study was carried out amongst European tourists that have visited Spain once or more and involved 3,000 interviews of 7 nationalities with a statistical accuracy above 98%. Although some of the findings corroborate previous findings (such as the high value of Spain as a tourist destination), other results indicate a change in the way international travellers feel about Spain:

    Despite high ratings in "tangible" factors such as climate, beaches, nature, cultural heritage and gastronomy, the Spanish, although with a remarkable satisfaction, are not meeting the high expectations in terms of "customer service".

    As a strength, the most frequently and spontaneously mentioned attributes in regard to Spain as a destination are the sea, beach, cuisine and culture, as well as hospitality, kindness, friendly people and pleasantness.
    The destination brands most frequently mentioned are, in this order and with a huge difference between them: Barcelona (Top 5), Madrid (Top 20) and Mallorca (Top 40). The Canary Islands, Ibiza, Benidorm, Granada, Seville, Tenerife, Compostela, Marbella, Malaga, Menorca and Valencia follow them in a ranking in which Catalonia is far behind Barcelona.
    The classic stereotypes (bulls, flamenco, sangria) do not form part of the 30 attributes mentioned spontaneously
    With regard to service, the worst rated values are related to the professionalism of human resources: languages, professional skills, destination knowledge and knowledge in general, efficiency and resolutive capacity, etc.

    The study cited a gap between the demanded service level and the actual satisfaction level , which is getting greater as consumer demands grow – requiring a reflection on the needs of Spain to "compete on quality " by increasing the excellence of supply.
    Although Spain maintains a comfortable competitive advantage in European markets over other competing destinations in the Mediterranean, it needs to enhance its strengths and improve in the areas identified.
    The British and Germans especially appreciate the sun, cuisine and Spanish hospitality and kindness. Italians appreciate the fun, joy and warmth. Russian tourists, on the other hand, choose us for virtually everything, which makes it likely that this issuer market will continue its unstoppable growth in the coming years.

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